Utique Shops

Challenge: Design a luxury vending brand, experience, and machine.


Solution: U*tique is a visionary company that challenges age-old industry paradigms with cutting edge automated retail technologies and business strategies.  RUX collaborated with U*tique from the initial stages of product development to create an iconic brand image and machine design, innovative patent-pending vending and display technologies, and develop next generation consumer experiences.

The design of the U*tique Shop breaks with vending tradition. It is part machine and part art object, shockingly new and reassuringly ordinary, as whimsical as it is efficient. The experience of using Utique Shop is somewhere between surfing the Internet and window-shopping. RUX innovated a patent pending shopping experience that choreographs physical product in the touch-sensitive display windows with data on the LCD touch-screen.

U*tique launched its first automated shop at Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal in the spring of 2009. Machines are now located in many locations, including JFK Terminal 5, the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Lase Vegas, and the Atlanta Airport.

RUX continues to play a key role in product development and company strategy, working directly with the company founder and principals to develop the next genereation of automated retail systems.

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