Challenge: Develop a new concept for an affordable camcorder device that will rival the Flip.

Solution: Life moves too fast to have a camera in your pocket. Being ready means having your finger on the trigger, always. The lasso is an extension of your body, a media device designed for one purpose and one purpose only... to capture everything.

The Lasso is one device comprised of two discrete components: 1) The "lasso" itself, which contains a small waterproof camera, microphone, start/stop button, and zoom function, 2) The media tablet, with a 3"x5" LCD screen, sleek soft-touch frame, forward-facing speakers, and adjustable kickstand.

The edge of the media tablet has an iconic tapered profile and groove. The groove stores the full length of the lasso. Simply unsnap the lasso from its holster and unwind to the desired length. This separation provides a strategic advantage. The screen size is large for optimal playback without hindering the portability (or wearability) of the video capture device. The lasso will have a competative edge as the portable media device with the biggest screen and the smallest camera, a powerful 1-2 punch.






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