Time Vodka

Challenge: The creators of Time Vodka, an ultra-premium spirits start-up, asked RUX to design “not another vodka bottle”. So naturally, our first challenge was to identify characteristics that were common to all existing vodka bottles, and our second challenge was to break with those traditions.


Solution: All vodka bottles have a preferred orientation, with the label facing the consumer, but the Time Vodka bottle has no front or back. The austere spike that pierces the vessel (inspired by a clock’s hour hand) is iconic from every vantage point.

All vodka bottles have a neck and a removable top, but the Time Vodka bottle has neither. Within the spike is a spring-loaded measured pourer and closure device (inspired by the crown of a watch) that facilitates aeration and regulates liquid flow, guaranteeing a precise pour every time. The theme of precision is a core component of the Time Vodka brand image.

All vodka bottles have a hierarchy to the text on their label (for example, the name of the vodka is written larger than the health hazards of drinking alcohol). All of the text on the Time Vodka bottle, however, is of an equal font size and is condensed into a single paragraph that extends around the circumference of the glass.

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