Stoneridge Resort

The Challenge: Design a master plan and 12 private guest homes for an all-season luxury resort in Virginia.

The Solution: The forest is a natural solar insulator. In the summer the trees are lush, shading the ground from harsh direct sunlight. In the winter the trees are bare, allowing the warm rays to reach the forest floor. What if a building could be more like a tree, shedding its facade in the winter months and gradually building it back up so that in summer it is protected from unwanted solar gain?

The facade of the Stoneridge guest houses retrofits off-the-shelf window systems with a customized solar shading device comprised of slatted scrolls. The degree of perforation changes along the length of each scroll. Areas of minimal perforation coordinate with summer months. Areas that are almost completely open correspond to winter months. The scrolls turn at a glacial pace, barely noticeable to the naked eye. The turning of the scrolls and the turning of the earth are synchronized so that the seasons and the facade perforations align.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the camouflage affect of the facade reinvents the look of the resort for every season, creating a powerful and iconic "all-season" marketing strategy for the resort.

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