Giving Machine

Challenge: Invent a new way to donate money.

Solution: Public art meets public good. The Giving Machine makes a spectacle of donating money, encouraging people to explore the landscape of donation options on the surface of the orb before selecting their charity of choice. Find a charity you like and swipe your credit card to make a donation. Donation amounts range from $1 through to $1000.

The Giving Machine LED display requires that each charitable cause condense its message to a short "tweet-style" call to action. For instance, The Rainforest Foundation might display the text "SAVE THE RAINFOREST 5$".

The Machine is conceived as a traveling urban monument that lands in different dense urban centers, adjusts the language of its advertisements, and streams donations in real time directly to participating charitable organizations. Potential charities are UNICEF, Doctors Without Boarders, Arbor Day Foundation, Save The Whales etc.

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